Monday, February 25, 2013

PinkStylist Villains in Vogue Contest Entry Vampire Queen

Hey guys! Ruby here with an entry for PinkStylist' Villains in Vogue Subscriber Contest! The idea of this contest is to make a video on a makeup for a villain that is glamorous and you can see in the pages of Vogue magazine. I really wanted this look to be very sultry not too scary so her prey doesn't run away ;-)  I really hope you guys like this look and thank you so much PinkStylist for doing this contest and congratulations on the recognition that you deserve. See you guys next time!

Full List Of Products:

Almay TLC Foundation- Buff 02
MAC Face + Body- White
Youngblood Concealer- Medium
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Filled in my mole with MAC pencil in Coffee
MAC Eyeshadow- Omega
MAC Sculpting Powder- Bone Beige
ELF Brow Kit- Medium
Revlon Blush- Berry Rich
MAC Studio Fix Powder- Shivering White

NYC Eyebrow Pencil- Taupe
Sugarpill- Love +
MAC Eyeshadow- Embark
Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil- Whiskey & Zero
MAC Eyeshadow- Swiss Chocolate & Embark
Wet N Wild Greed Palette- Brulee
Sugarpill- Bulletproof
Sugarpill- Flamepoint
LA Splash Sealer
Wet N Wild Megasparkle Glitter- White Icing
Coastal Scents Glitter- Mirage Gold
Physicians Formula Eye Booster Liner
Revlon Growlucious Mascara
Ardell Fright Night Lashes- Mesmerizing
Ardell Fright Night Lashes- Spyder Woman

MAC Lip Pencil- Currant
NYX Lipstick- Bruised
Milani Lipstick- Ruby Valentine

*Contacts, Gloves, Vampire Teeth, and Wig from a local Halloween store and Party City.

 My doggy wanted to be in my pictures XD

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick Tips: Filling Uneven Brows

Hi guys! Yvette here with an eyebrow tutorial. Ruby has her eyebrow tutorial up, which you can view here. Today's video was requested by stellapolaregirl I hope you like it girl, and find it useful.

Now my eyebrows are COMPLETELY different, they are not sisters, nor twins not even cousins! They are on two different universes, so here are some tips I hope you find helpful, please try them out and let me know what you think

No matter what my ugly brow does not want to transform itself to look like my good brow. No worries, I'm so used to filling in my brows like this it doesn't even bother me. Hope you guys find this tutorial useful. Enjoy!

Tip #1 Look straight into the mirror. This will help you see where your eyebrows are placed/doing/landed on your face.

Tip #2 Start with your "good brow." By doing this you just need to mimic the shape on the other side. If you start with your messed up brow, you're not going to necessarily know how the other one is going to look. **If neither of your brows are the "good one," start with the one that is fuller or placed higher, this way you can make the other one appear fuller, or know how high to go.

Tip #3 Fill your brow just where you need it. Just because you do something to one brown, doesn't necessarily mean you have to do the same thing to the other. For example, my "good brow" I had a very light hand and filled in the areas that were a little bald. On my fucked up brow, let's be serious, that bad boy needed WERK! So I had to fill in the entire thing. I had a heavy hand on the top and a very very light hand underneath because I wanted to raise the brow that was placed lower.

Tip #4 Pencil or Powder. Know that a pencil is a lot harsher than a powder. On my clients who have amazing brows, sure I use a powder because they don't need that extra definition they already have it. On clients and myself who have hardly any definition or "bad brows" I use a pencil. **If you have super defined brows, you can use a gel liner.

Tip#5 Set your work. At the end I always go back with a brow gel because it will set the color, lighten it if I need it and make it last all day.

Full list of products:

   NYC Taupe eyebrow pencil
   Spoolie from Sally's Beauty Supply
   MAC Girl Boy Brow Set

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kissable Valentine's Day makeup tutorial

Hi guys! Yvette here with a kiss proof makeup tutorial so if you want to me kissing your man or woman all night I show you some long wearing stain proof products that I looove! Hope you guys try this look out for Valentine's Day and if you do recreate any of our looks please post them on our Facebook page here :)

Full list of products:
Urban Decay's Eden primer potion
Palladio Black Brown herbal eyeliner
Sleek Oh So Special palette (Boxed, Noir, Gift Basket, The Mail, Bow, Organza)
Revlon Colorstay liquid liner
Revlon Grow Luscious eye liner
Miss Adoro #307 false lashes
NYC Taupe brow pencil (not in video)
MAC Girl Boy brow set (not in video)
Revlon Colorstay oily/combination skin foundation (not in video)
Revlon Photo Ready concealer (not in video)
ELF loose powder (not in video)
Urban Decay Toasted baked bronzer (not in video)
MAC Fleur Powder blush
MAC Gift O Glamour pigment
Revlon Colorstay Wine lip liner
Revlon Gothic lip stain

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Emmy Rossum Beautiful Creatures Makeup

Hey guys Ruby here with a makeup tutorial! This makeup is based on Emmy Rossum's character Ridley Duchannes in her latest movie Beautiful Creatures. Beautiful Creatures comes out on Valentine's Day and I absolutely love the makeup and wardrobe in this movie. Emmy's makeup was pretty simple to recreate. As you can see from the pictures below the makeup looks different in two different shots. I do believe they darkened up her makeup for the glowing eyes scene because the behind the scenes shot looks more natural. I did tweak it just a little to better suit my eye shape but if you decide to recreate this look do whatever feels more comfortable for you. I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you in the next video!

Full List Of Products:

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil- Zero
Sugarpill- Bulletproof
Sugarpill Heartbreaker Palette- 2AM
Wet N Wild Greed Palette- Brulee and Shimmery Pink Champagne Shadow
Ardell Lashes- Wispies
MAC Bronzing Powder- Matte Bronze
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush- Blissful
MAC Lip Pencil- Plum
NYC Lipstick- 320 Mahogany

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HUGE Spring 2013 Fashion Haul!!!

Hi guys! I've been hitting some amazing sales lately! Oh my goodness I've bought so much for Spring and have spent very few! I would love to afford one day off the runway pieces and buy expensive designer's clothing but for now my ass is shopping at Ross! Lol! Any who I'm super proud of myself. I know we've been killing you guys with our hauls, but I really like shopping and sharing with my girlfriends and I know some of you guys do as well!

Here is a list of all the stores I hit and some of my favorite fashion trends! Hope you guys find this helpful and seek out these trends next time you go shopping :)

Fashion Q
Forever 21
Love Culture

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mary J. Blige MAC Viva Glam VI

Hi guys! Yvette here with another Viva Glam look. We have more Viva Glam makeup tutorials if you guys would like to check them out. So far we've recreated Boy George for Viva Glam V, Chloe Sevigny for Viva Glam V, and Shirley Manson for Viva Glam IV.

This look is dramatic, glossy and shimmer, it has a lot going on, so if you think it's too much feel free to substitute any of the color for ones you are more comfortable with. I do really love this look how it is though, so for those of you who are more daring feel free to keep it as it.

This look is super appropriate for an evening out! Not necessairly the grocery store, but if you're comfortable enough, feel free to rock it anywhere you please :)

Hope you guys like it!

Full list of products:
NYC Taupe eyebrow pencil (not in video)
MAC Girl Boy Brow Set (not in video)
MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
MAC Texture shadow
MAC Black Tied
MAC Carbon
MAC Amber Lights
Revlon Grow Luscious eye liner
Bobbi Brown gel liner
Red Cherry #203 false lashes
Studio Fix Powder (not in video)
Revlon colorstay concealer (not in video)
NYC bronzer (not in video)
Tarte Blushing Bride Amazonian Clay blush
MAC Burgundy lip pencil
MAC Viva Glam IV
Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss lip gel