Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick Tip: Separated / Dried out paint pot, concealer and/or fluidline

Hi guys Yvette here with another quick tip.
If you guys have any beauty problems, let me know and maybe I'll have a quick tip for you.

For this video I didn't use any products, just a spatula. If your paint pot, concealer, and/or fluidline create a ring around the products, it usually means that it separated and "dried out". When this happens it usually means that the oils have sunk down to the bottom. When this happens, just mix it up the product and smooth it out. It should be like new.

If your product is SUPER DUPER dry, put in about 20 drops of eye drops, let it sit and soak, and then mix.

If your products feels like its at the point of no return, here's a link to a video on how to fix it, from Beauty Guru EnKore. Start it at 6:12 for the tip..

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