Where did the name Formidable Artistry come from?

While we were creating this channel we started second guessing ourselves and thinking, “What if people don’t like us, or think we're bad?” After that, we started thinking, “what if people really like us and think we're good?” So then we thought we should have a name that means both good and bad. At the time we were both wearing this nail lacquer from MAC called Formidable! We liked the name and meaning so much we decided it was fate.
Meaning: arousing feelings of awe or admiration because of grandeur, strength.. and/or causing fear, apprehension, dread.

Where did you learn how to do makeup?

We're both self taught. Through YouTube and experimenting we were able to learn more and more. Growing up, our friends liked our makeup so much; we would do their makeup for special events, just for fun. When we discovered YouTube we watched a lot of makeup gurus and later became inspired to create our own channel.

What camera are you using?
Canon Vixia HD Widescreen Camcorder Model: HF-M30
SAMSUNG TL220 for pictures
Starting September 28, 2013 we are using the Nikon D3200 but still use the Samsung for pictures

What video editing software do you use?
Windows Live Movie Maker and Serif Movie Plus X5
In July 2014 we started using Pinnacle Studio 16 which we love!

What is your lighting set up?
We started using lights from Ikea that are no longer available but after using those for so long we decided to upgrade to a Diva Ring Light kit from the DVE Store the link to our lights are here

Do I have to use what you use?

No way! We just use this because that’s what we like to use and because none of these companies do animal testing. Here is the link to PETAs website that lists all the companies that do and don’t do animal testing definitely check it out, you'd be surprised, I know we were, especially because we're huge animal lovers.

Where did you girls get that headband, bracelet, ring, blouse, nail polish and so on..?
We always list it in the description box, on that YT video. Even if we don't know, or got it as a gift we'll just put that instead.


Where are you girls from/ where do you live?
We were both born in Hollywood, CA. We live in Los Angeles, CA and our family is from Sinaloa, Mexico.

What is that scar on Yvette’s neck?
Both Ruby and I have eczema. I have scars and marks all over some more visible than others.

What is that scar on Ruby’s eye?
I had a blister when I was little and my mom burned my eye in order to remove it, and then it became a caved in scar. (sounds worse than it is but it didn't hurt or anything)

What song is in that one video?
All songs used are always listed in the description bar. Our older videos have songs from a website that we no longer use so we can't tell you what the song names are sorry! :(

we will keep posting FAQ's as they come..