About Us

Welcome to our blog! For our friends who know us. Yes! We know! Its about time we do this. For those who don't here's a little bit of info on us. Our names are Ruby and Yvette. Were sisters that come from a family of 7 and have an extended family that surpasses 100 people, if you can imagine. We were born and raised in Los Angeles and are currently attending college. We love makeup, TV, video games and our dogs + cat. We hope to incorporate all of those things in our blog, but we'll see.

We've wanted to do this for a while now, and we've finally gotten the courage to do it. Hope you guys blog with us and know that comments, questions, suggestions and requests are more than welcomed. Enjoy!

Our dog, Psycho

 Our dog, Mojo

Mojo looks like he's saying, "Hey what's going on?"

 At the Los Angeles Zoo, Yvette thinks she's a flamingo

Merry Christmas

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays