Thursday, September 5, 2013

60 Day Juice Cleanse Vlog - Day 1

Hey guys Ruby here with my first weight loss vlog! After watching the film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and doing some research Yvette and I decided to start doing the 60 day juice fast. It will be extremely hard but we are looking forward to the results. I'm not sure if Yvette is going to vlog with me from time to time but we will keep you guys updated.

The 60 day juice fast is a way to reboot your body, detox all the junk out and just becoming a better you. With the reboot you get a more centered mind and get the taste of good food again. Now these are all claims that the film makes so I wanted to give you guys a 100% honest experience of what these next 60 days will be like. I have read both sides of juicing and blending. It makes sense to me that all the "good stuff" gets taken away with juicing so I am taking up my mom's offer to buy a Nutribullet. She mentioned it on my first day of my fast but I wanted to juice like in the film. I will hopefully review the Nutribullet in an upcoming video.

In addition to all I said in my first vlog I wanted to write out the ingredients and what their benefits are. Down below you will find pictures along with those benefits. Please don't hesistate to correct me if I'm wrong on anything. Thank you so much for watching, reading, and I hope that you can come along with me on this long journey to become healthy and happy. :)


- High in fiber, great for digestion
- High in iron (good for blood and muscles)
- High in Vitamin K (prevents cancer, Alzheimer's, promotes better bone health, and prevents blood clots)
- Antioxidant
- Lower cholesterol levels
- Vitamin A (great for vision)
- Vitamin C (helps immune system)


- Reduce blood pressure
- Fiber
- Antioxidant
- Contains plant hormones that calm and soothe the central nervous system.


- Fiber
- Flavonoids (anti-cancer properties)
- Lower blood pressure
- Better Vision
- Helps boost your immunity
- Healthy skin

 Green Apple

- Prevents Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, and reduce risk of cancer
- Reduce cholesterol
- Prevent gallstones
- Fiber
- Detox liver
- Helps immune system

 Green Grapes
- Cure asthma
- Promotes bone health
- Prevents blood clots and heart attacks
- Migraine cure
- Fights fatigue


- Clears sinuses
- Anti inflammatory
- Used to treat arthritis
*Use in small portions*
- Packed with vitamins and minerals
- Prevents cough and colds
- Strengthen bones
- Keeps gums healthy
- Relieves arthritis pain
- Improves digestion

- Improve vision
- Cancer prevention
- Anti aging properties (slows aging cells)
- Vitamin A + antioxidants (protects skin from sun damage)
- Prevent heart disease
- Prevents strokes
- Healthy teeth and gums

 I am not shy at this point because I know I will succeed so here are my before shots :)

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