Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick Fix: My Eyeshadow is Busted. Help!

Hi! I ordered some makeup palettes online, and this one arrived with 4 broken eyeshadows, meh meh. I wasn't even mad, because I knew how to fix it. So I decided to film it and share this tip with you guys. There are a bunch of these types of tutorial on YouTube if you want to check those out :)

  1. Get 91% rubbing alcohol OR Hard Pressed
  2. Get spatulas or mini spoons, something that will help you mix and smooth out the shadow
  3. With an eye dropper or Hard Pressed, put in about 10+ drops, getting the eyeshadow fully moist
  4. Next mix the eyeshadow with a mini spoon/spatula. Mix it into a ball in the middle so you get all of it clumped together
  5. Last smooth out the eyeshadow with the spatula until its as flat as you can get it
  6. Wait a couple of hours so it's completely dry and once it feels powdery again, you're done!

Hard Pressed - Beauty from the Earth

Mini Spoon - Coastal Scents
   I used 4 spoons, one for each eyeshadow

Sleek Original eyeshadow palette

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