Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick Tips: Filling Uneven Brows

Hi guys! Yvette here with an eyebrow tutorial. Ruby has her eyebrow tutorial up, which you can view here. Today's video was requested by stellapolaregirl I hope you like it girl, and find it useful.

Now my eyebrows are COMPLETELY different, they are not sisters, nor twins not even cousins! They are on two different universes, so here are some tips I hope you find helpful, please try them out and let me know what you think

No matter what my ugly brow does not want to transform itself to look like my good brow. No worries, I'm so used to filling in my brows like this it doesn't even bother me. Hope you guys find this tutorial useful. Enjoy!

Tip #1 Look straight into the mirror. This will help you see where your eyebrows are placed/doing/landed on your face.

Tip #2 Start with your "good brow." By doing this you just need to mimic the shape on the other side. If you start with your messed up brow, you're not going to necessarily know how the other one is going to look. **If neither of your brows are the "good one," start with the one that is fuller or placed higher, this way you can make the other one appear fuller, or know how high to go.

Tip #3 Fill your brow just where you need it. Just because you do something to one brown, doesn't necessarily mean you have to do the same thing to the other. For example, my "good brow" I had a very light hand and filled in the areas that were a little bald. On my fucked up brow, let's be serious, that bad boy needed WERK! So I had to fill in the entire thing. I had a heavy hand on the top and a very very light hand underneath because I wanted to raise the brow that was placed lower.

Tip #4 Pencil or Powder. Know that a pencil is a lot harsher than a powder. On my clients who have amazing brows, sure I use a powder because they don't need that extra definition they already have it. On clients and myself who have hardly any definition or "bad brows" I use a pencil. **If you have super defined brows, you can use a gel liner.

Tip#5 Set your work. At the end I always go back with a brow gel because it will set the color, lighten it if I need it and make it last all day.

Full list of products:

   NYC Taupe eyebrow pencil
   Spoolie from Sally's Beauty Supply
   MAC Girl Boy Brow Set

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