Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tag: 5 Minute Makeup Challenge

Hey guys Ruby here with the 5 Minute Makeup Challenge Tag! Yvette was tagged by IrmitaG and I wanted to this video also so here it is. Getting ready in 5 minutes is just not possible for me haha I do way too much stuff to my face and as you can see I didn't even have time to finish the eyes. I have gone out without eyeliner but I always feel incomplete without it. But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned for Yvette's 5 minute makeup challenge I'm sure she will do way better since she has mastered getting ready in a jiffy! :))

Full List of Products:

Revlon BB Cream-Medium
MAC Studio Finish Concealer- NW25
Clinique Brow Pencil- Soft Brown
ELF Brow Kit- Medium
Wet N Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder- Buff
Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer- Park Ave Princess
MAC- Satin Taupe
MAC- Dark Devotion
Wet N Wild- Brulee
Wet N Wild Fergie Lipstick-Fuchsianista

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