Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey everyone! Yvette here with 5 homemade costume ideas. If you don't have time to run out and buy a costume here are some quick last minute costume ideas. I also have a last minute $4 zombie makeup which you can view here, if you have time for a quick makeup look.

Hope you all like these ideas and will give them a try if you are running low on cash or are in need of a costume.

Last Minute Halloween Costume #1 - Sunburned at the Beach

This first costume idea is one of the more comical ones, and if done right people will think you actually got sunburned at the beach! Clothing options are unlimited anything summer time will work!

Things you'll need:
     Hawaiian Shirt/ Muscle shirt
     Shorts / Bikini bottoms / Swimming trunks
     (hot pink matte blush)

 All these things can be found at home, so hopefully you don't need to go out and purchase anything.

Last Minute Halloween Costume #2 - Celebrity Satire Mob Wife

You don't need to buy a wig or anything, most of this stuff can be found at home. And if you want to be over the top, you can go to a thrift store and find some of these things

Things you'll need:
     "Fur" coat (cruelty free of course!)
     Black/Leopard/Red dress (the tackier the better)
     Over the top heels (glitter, sequined spiked and/or gold)
     Your makeup has to be over the top, besides the coat this is the most important aspect of this look.

Last Minute Halloween Costume #3 - Cast Away!

This costume is similar to idea number one, but it's focused more on looking like Tom Hanks from Cast Away. Also, focus more on your hair; make it as WILD as possible! For this you want want to look hungry, dirty and have your clothes be shredded. Careful if done wrong you'll look like a bum, unless that's the look you're going for.

Things you'lll need:
     An outfit you don't care about (so you can tear it)
     (dark brown eye shadow)
     (black eyeliner)
     Life Saver

Last Minute Halloween Costume #4 - Greek Toga

This costume is probably a little harder to put together if you don't know how to wrap a sheet like a toga. You can always use safety pins, a belt or rubber bands to hold it together. If you have any gold accessories slap those puppies on.

Things you'll need:
     White sheet, wrap it like a towel
     Gladiator sandals
     Gold necklace on you head, or gold leaves, gold headband
     nudes and golds

Last Minute Halloween Costume #5 - Grandma/Grandpa

This costume can be for both men and women, and if you want to add more comedy, you can dress up as the opposite sex. For this costume, this is all stuff that can be found at home, the only thing that you might need to purchase it the green face paint.

Things you'll need: (grandma)
     Fuzzy Slippers
     Hair Rollers
     Reading glasses
     (green face mask)
     (bright pink lipstick)

Things you'll need: (grandpa)
     Pillow (for your belly)
     Muscle shirt
     Old vintage shorts
     Reading glasses
     White spray paint

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