Monday, September 22, 2014

Medusa Halloween Makeup

Seeing so many beautiful Medusa costumes for Halloween I thought how fun would it be to create a Medusa makeup tutorial! This makeup look is totally outside my comfort zone. I've never done anything like this and for being my first time I have to say it wasn't so scary, I just let my imagination run wild. I Googled Medusa and instantly got inspired to create something evil and wicked.

The story of Medusa really intrigued me as well. There are many versions of the Greek myth, but the consensus seems to be that Athena had some sort of smackdown with Medusa which resulted in Athena cursing the beautiful Medusa. Medusa was once beautiful and Athena turned her into an ugly being that can turn anyone into stone if they gazed into her eyes.

Knowing that Medusa was once beautiful makes me want to create a beautiful Medusa look as well. So stayed tuned for that! For now I hope you enjoy this evil Medusa makeup.

Full list of products:
     Best Contacts on the market red cat eye here
     Urban Decay Primer Potion
     Sleek Makeup Bad Girl palette
     Inglot 76 gel liner (white)
     MAC Feline eye kohl
     MAC Blacktrack fluidline
     Wet n Wild H20 liquid liner
     Sugarpill Charlotte lashes
     Miss Adoro 424 lashes
   Lips & Face
     MAC Face and Body in white
     MAC Studio Fix silvering white
     NYX White eye pencil
     Inglot 76 gel liner
     MAC Blacktrack fluidline
     BH Cosmetics 2nd edition palette 

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