Monday, January 26, 2015

LA Splash Lip Couture Femme Fatale Collection Review

Hey everyone! Ruby here with another swatch and review blog post! This is for the LA Splash liquid lipsticks that were part of the Femme Fatale limited edition collection. Recently LA Splash announced that these lipsticks are permanent and now can be see with the other permanent lipsticks. All are available on the LA Splash website for 11.98 each. Feel free to use our LA Splash coupon code for 15% off your next purchase: "FORM15"

These 5 lipsticks are all unique shades and I absolutely love them! They did come with a shea butter that can be used to remove the liquid lipsticks. But now if you buy any 5 liquid lipsticks they will throw in the shea butter for free. I did feel like the shea butter moisturized my lips but I didn't feel like it completely took off the lipstick. I did read that you should let it sit for a little while on your lips but even then it didn't take it all off. But I would still use it if my lips needed a little TLC.

Onto the swatches. I paired the lipsticks with lip liners and without. There were some that I felt didn't need a lip liner and some that did. You can change the color of the lipsticks by applying a different colored lip liner. It's very fun to play around with these and get a shade that you feel suits you the best. As usual my pro and con list will be at the very bottom! Thank you for stopping by and I will talk to you all in the next one!

Left to Right: Ghoulish, Phantom, Malevolent, Vindictive, Venom + Shea Butter

Ghoulish with MAC Stone lip liner

Phantom with OCC Hoochie lip liner

Malevolent with Milani Sugar Plum

Vindictive with a navy Tarte EmphasEYES liner
Venom with MAC Smolder eyeliner

-Vindictive and Venom are the thickest out of all the lipsticks and the most opaque. So you won't need a lot of product when applying these.
-Malevolent least opaque but with a couple coats it can get there.
-Shea butter softened my lips but did not completely remove the lipstick.
-Vindictive was more blue than grey as depicted on the LA Splash website.
-I feel like all of them dry to a matte satin finish.

- All great colors
- Long lasting
- Easy to apply
- Venom and Vindictive don't need a lip liner
- Ghoulish by far my favorite. Love the color and the color payoff, especially for a neutral color.
- Not sticky or too drying
- Not limited edition yay!

- Can accentuate lip lines
- Hard to remove (unless oil based makeup remover is used)
- Malevolent needs a lip liner underneath and a couple coats to get opaque
- Phantom can get patchy if you let it dry before you finish applying

Overall 9.5/10
Deducted half a point for Malevolent he he

*All products purchased with my own money. We are affiliates of LA Splash Cosmetics but we give our 100% honest opinion*

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