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All About WWE Divas Eva Marie's Hair (Color, Extensions & All)

Hey everyone! Yvette here with a blog post all about Eva Marie's hair.

So long story short, I was on Instagram and stumbled upon @glit_glam's IG (Eva's stylist) and noticed a ton of comments asking about Eva Marie's hair. Although, I love the WWE and have been watching since I was in middle school... I have to admit I barely started following Eva Marie, so I can't say I'm a hardcore fan, yet. So why blog about her? I know, I know.. well let me tell you.

Soo many IG'ers were asking, "what is Eva Marie's hair color?" "OMG! What dye does Eva Marie use?" "Why does Eva Marie's hair always look so fresh?" Since I recently dyed my hair back to red, I noticed her color looked similar to mine. Also, I saw SOO MANY comments, I got curious myself and began my 2-day snooping binge. Let's begin with Eva's hair color..

What is Eva Marie's Hair Color?

This was a hard one to track down and although I am not 100% positive what dye she uses based on my snooping I think I can take a pretty kick ass guess. Yes I know, I dont know 100% but that's because her hair colorist is keeping this secret extremely under wraps. So unless you ask him face to face or go to his salon and request the same color on yourself I don't think any of us will ever know for sure. Know what I mean jelly bean?

Glit_Glam aka Jose Martinez is an AMAZING hair stylist, based out of Ontario at the BHS Bela Hair Studio. While snooping I found this photo on his Facebook page:

I have never heard of Scruples so when I saw this I was in shock! I must have showed over a dozen hair stylist the pictures of Eva's hair and the majority said its either Special Effects or Pravana Red. So when I saw Scruples I was like "da fcuk is this?!" So I googled it. Scruples has an Urban Shock collection including a bright red color just like Eva's. I'm assuming if Jose used Scruples on this client why wouldn't he use it on Eva? Maybe he does and maybe that's the red she has.

Looking for swatches of the Scruples Urban Shock in red, I found this photo on their Pinterest. Does this red look familiar?

Here is a picture of Eva to compare..
They look EXTREMELY similar and although I'm still on the hunt for more pictures of Scruples Red I have to say they almost look identical!!

BUT WAIT! What if its not Scruples Urban Shock? Why wouldn't it be? Well, I looked on Scruples page and you can search salons that carry this brand. Unfortunately BHS isn't on there even though Jose uses it. So I'm thinking either Scruples website isn't completely up-to-date or Jose just picks up this color on his own for his clients. In case its not Scruples what else could it be? Well, like I said earlier I asked tons of my hair experts and many of them think its either Special Effects or Pravana. Here are some pictures to compare..

Special Effects Nuclear Red (their best selling red btw) Although this model's hair seems brighter and on tad orangey, sometimes Eva's hair looks like this too.

Now if its not Nuclear Red maybe its Pravana Red. Why? Although the pics above show her hair to be more on the Nuclear Red side, sometimes they look more on the Pravana Red side. Maybe depending on the filter? All in all those would be my two guesses outside of Scruples because all the other dyes out there are too dark or bright or too something, you know.

Just for comparison, I know I look nothing like her but ignore my face and focus on my hair and hers. Here's my hair when I first dyed it Pravana Red (Keep in mind I have a pink streak going down my face ignore that look at the rest which is red)
My last guess is Special Effects Devilish seen below. Recently her hair has been looking more pinky red than orangey nuclear red. My best guess would still be the Scruples but since it is an expensive product I would personally pick special effects over Scruples if you wanted to recreate her look..

Right here I have on Devilish dye on my hair

Overall, if you want to go Eva Marie red, its your call whether you want Eva Marie orangey red or Eva Marie pinky red. I've never tried Scruples but based on their website it says it lasts 2-4weeks which seems, meh. I've tried Pravana and its good, but Special Effect holy shit, its amazing. It takes forever to fade and when it fades it turns brighter not dull. All and all, if you can't decide I would recommend doing what I do, which is mixing two colors and coming out with what looks good for your skintone. Also, before you decide to go red make sure you understand its a HUGE commitment I talk more in depth about it towards the end of this post.


Eva Marie's Makeup

Now that we got the dye color narrowed down lets talk beauty. Eva Marie is gorgeous and her glam squad does an amazing job at enhancing her beauty!! Her makeup artist is her long time friend @honeybeileen. I recently did a makeup tutorial inspired by Eva's makeup. If you would like to see it you can click here :)

For the most part, Eva likes two wear two types of looks. We see her wearing smokey eyes with nude lips but most of the time she is in a super glamour pin-up look, with a heavy contour.

I recreated her hair & makeup look and are more than welcomed to check it out here.

In case you are wondering what red lip she wears I found this q&a here and read her favorite lipstick is Ruby Woo from MAC. Keep in mind if she's not wearing Ruby Woo, her makeup could be a number of things because her makeup artist uses an array of brands from TNT to NARS and everything in between.

Eva Marie's Hair Products and Extensions

Last but not least I'm going to touch on how Eva's glam squad keeps her hair looking fresh and healthy. 

Now as far as healthy goes, keep in mind most of her hair isn't hers. She also didn't go from black to red overnight, it was a process. 

Here you can see the transformation of her hair. It used to be long and black. Then it was burgundy and to her shoulders. Now its to her belly button and super bright!

Now Martinez has said that Eva wears Bellami Lilly hair extensions, which a lot of people use. Now since her color is so specific Martinez does dye them to match, just so you know.

However, he does have a concoction of products he used on his clients and you can see the same bottles in most of his IG posts. Martinez has confessed to using and loving this routine to curl his clients hair with the following products and tools:
▶️Salerm21 leave in conditioner 
▶️#Babyliss 1 1/4" curling iron 
▶️It's a 10 hairspray 
▶️Bed Head after party smoothing cream 
"First I use a leave in conditioner while hair is wet - I use #salerm21, then I blow dry the hair thoroughly •Once the hair is thoroughly dry i spray #itsa10 hairspray all over and brush out. Then I like to start curling at the nape area and work my way to the front (repeat on the other side), always curling away from the face . **make sure not to touch the hair while it's still hot out of the iron. Let it set *** • Now that your hair is all curled and set flip your head foreward and spray the hair while you create texture with your fingers. This will give you Ultimate volume •Last but not least, put some after party ( #afterpartysmoothingcream ) in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Don't be afraid to get in there! Give it a good brush with your fingers; this will relax the curl giving you more of the wave look •Tada"- Martinez IG

Now there is one product I see a lot and he didn't mention. It's a red and black bottle. I did some snooping and I think I know what it is. What do you all think?

Maybe its, VaVooM^SHAPE MAKER^shaping hairspray hair spray 11oz?

As far as keeping it looking fresh, her secret is, she gets it touched up ALL THE TIME. Here in this interview she says she gets it touched up at least every three weeks!!

However it might be more because in the photo below her stylist Instagrams how she got her hair touched up twice in one week. 

Also, if you follow him you'll notice she is in his chair A LOT. So its really no secret that her hair always looks fresh because it is! Its always freshly done.

Now if you have never had red hair before you don't really understand how high maintenance it is. You're also probably thinking that's excessive and that she's crazy! It is a tad crazy but more than anything its dedication.

Now if you have red hair you know its not excessive, having red hair is a lifestyle and you have to keep up with it. Being a celebrity even more so! 


Now I'm not rich, nor a celebrity so I have some tips on how a regular Joe like you and I can keep it fresh until your next touch up. 

My personal tips on how to keep it as red as you can:
1. Never wash it, I probably wash my hair once a week
2. Dry shampoo is your best friend so find one you like
3. Special Effects is by far my favorite dye to use it fades bright not dull
4. Wash your hair in extremely cold water, the colder the better!
5. Buy a shampoo and conditioner for red/dyed hair
6. Mix a bit of your dye in your conditioner
7. Buy everything red. Red towel, red pillow cases, etc. Because everything will stain
8. Stay away from sulfate it strips your color. Protein fillers are your bff doe!
9. Leave in conditioners, hair masks, moisturizing products anything for split ends you want it!!!
10.  Argan oil is magic for your hair too!

Now if you are on the fence about dying your hair red here are some things to keep in mind...

Everyone's hair is different. Just because someone uses something doesn't mean it will work for you. If it does great, if it doesn't keep in mind that its probably because your hair type doesn't mesh with whatever chemistry they were doing. (This rule can pretty much go for anything in life actually :D)

Anywho! If you do decide to go red, THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT IT. Here are some more questions to ponder... 

Most red hair that is super super bright is most likely bleached unless they had already pretty light colored hair. So if you have dark hair is bleaching your hair, ultimately damaging it, something you wanna do? However, if you don't want obnoxiously bright hair you might get away with not bleaching it.

Can you go days on end without washing it? When you do wash it, are you willing to frequently spend money on shampoos, conditioners, dyes, protein fillers, argan oils, hair masks, leave in conditioners, dry shampoos, etc, etc to keep it looking healthy? 

Can you touch it up at least every 5weeks minimum? SOME people can go a lot longer without retouching.

Is this something temporary or permanent? Because not only is red notorious for fading the fastest its also one of the hardest to remove/cover up. Since red dye has larger particles they don't cling to the hair like other colors do. All in all its a B*

Lastly, are you willing to sacrifice your pillow cases, bathtub, blouses, hands, towels and anything else your hair will touch - to turn red? If you already have bright red hair you know what I'm talking about.

Now I'm not trying to sway anyone one way or another, I'm just giving advice I wish I would have known before taking the plunge back to red. I used to have red/burgundy hair in high school. Yes it was high school and I didn't really care too much about it, I let it do its thing. However, last year when I decided to go back red, I told my colorist Jessica Rabbit red please without thinking about it. Now I'm not saying I regret it, I love my hair! I'm just saying I wish I would have known or asked myself all these questions before hand. Why? Because I've had to spend a lot of time, energy and money into my hair, which could go to other places. Yes its dedication but I love this color so much, I decided to stop complaining and stick it through.

Overall, Scruples Urban Shock is most likely what dye she uses. My other guesses are Pravana red, Special Effects Nuclear Red or Devilish. I personally think Devilish is an exact dupe and would try that dye! Ruby Woo is most likely on her lips. Bellami extensions explains her thickness and length. She is touching it up almost every week & is the reason why her hair looks so fresh. Lastly, concoctions are any girls best friends for good looking hair. I hope my long post helped and answered any questions. 

Any questions, comments, concerns or if you wanna talk about something else? Let me know in the comments below and I'll update this page as best as I can. If you read this whole post, you are a trooper!! Love ya!


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    1. Hey, about How long will both colors you mention last before it'll start to fade.... Or how many times a month do you redye your red??

    2. Hey, about How long will both colors you mention last before it'll start to fade.... Or how many times a month do you redye your red??

  2. I definitely needed this! Thank you!!

  3. Can I get the name of the 2 colors you used love the color ๐Ÿ˜Š xx alice ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Of course! I mix two Special Effects Dyes... Devilish with a tiny bit of Blood Red. If you want it brighter you can add a bit of Nuclear Red instead of Blood Red :D

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  5. That’s one of the perkiest red hair I’ve ever seen! Good thing she’s really pretty and can sport all sort of eccentric hairstyles, and yet still look good with it. Thankfully, there are a lot of hair products and procedures available nowadays to make one achieve the look he or she desires – be it a peculiar ones or a trendy coiffure. Cheers!

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

    1. That is very true! Bellami is also coming out with extensions of this hair color so thats exciting as well

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  8. Where can you buy special effects hair color

  9. Did you have to bleach your hair?

    1. Yes I did because my natural hair color is black but if your natural hair color is blonde most likely you wont need to

  10. How do you keep hair from bleeding? Is the pool out of the question? What shampoo/conditioner would you recommend, is reviting red by quantum any good?

    1. Honestly its inevitable I would say avoid the pools and water rides but if you have to cover your hair and just wear a swimmers cap. I really like Matrix Total Result Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner it has a purple label. Also, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi is amazing!

  11. How do you keep hair from bleeding? Is the pool out of the question? What shampoo/conditioner would you recommend, is reviting red by quantum any good?

    1. Honestly its inevitable I would say avoid the pools and water rides but if you have to cover your hair and just wear a swimmers cap. I really like Matrix Total Result Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner it has a purple label. Also, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi is amazing!

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