Thursday, October 1, 2015

Minnie Mouse Halloween Makeup | 31 Days of Halloween

Hey everyone! Yvette here with our first makeup tutorial for 31 Days of Halloween. EVERYDAY this month Ruby and I will be uploading a Halloween makeup look. Please subscribe to stay tuned in! Today's video is inspired by Minnie Mouse. Last year for Halloween Time at Disneyland Ruby bought this Minnie Witch Hat & as soon as I started thinking about Halloween makeup I thought how cute would it be to create a look based around this hat. If you're not used to body painting you can definitely recreate the face makeup and pop on a Minnie witch costume. Hope you all like it. Enjoy!

♥♥ What I'm Wearing ♥♥
Gloves: $1 Store
Minnie Witch Hat: Disneyland 2014

Full list of products:
Youngblood Ultimate Concealer (to cover brows, not in video)
MAC Studio Fix ()

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil
Strobe Cosmetics Urchin Strobe
Saucebox Temptation palette
LA Girl Fineline felt tip liquid liner
Fright Night Beauty Mesmerizing lashes
Almay Clear Complexion foundation beige 500
Saucebox Etude palette
BH Cosmetics 2nd Ed palette
Inglot 76 AMC gel liner
Wolfe FX 12 Hydrocolour palette
Wet n Wild gel liner
LA Splash poison apple liquid liner
NYX White eye kohl pencil
LA Splash eyeshadow sealer
LA Splash red glitter
Nubounsom Faction Lash

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